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We provide Cardiology service for all types of cardiovascular diseases

Do you want to prevent the risk of sudden heart attacks? Wahid Medical PLLC is here to take care of your heart health. Our comprehensive cardiology care will help you identify coronary diseases at their early stage. We also offer chronic disease management to treat your ongoing conditions such as hypertension, cholesterol, etc. Our internal doctors have years of experience in providing cardiac care. We provide patient-centric health services to cure your specific concerns. We prioritize the long-term relationship between you and us. We believe this helps to form trust and better understanding. It is necessary to ensure open communication and improve your heart health journey.

Why Do You Need Cardiology Care?

Risk Assessment

Does your family member have any heart conditions? You have the possibility of getting those as well. Cardiology care helps you minimize your chances of developing potential diseases through risk assessments. We review your family history, medical records and lifestyle choices. We also check your health indicators like blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. We can take steps to reduce your risks if we can identify abnormalities in these factors early.

Preventive Care

We help you to take preventive measures through cardiology care. We offer you guidance on maintaining lifestyle practices good for your heart. We give you suggestions on food choice, exercise and many more. We also provide regular screening to check the underlying conditions. We encourage you to do regular screening by sharing the benefits and consequences you will experience.

Early Detection 

Many of your coronary conditions don’t show symptoms at their developing stage. For instance, hypertension or high cholesterol are silent conditions. It takes time to reach the advanced stage. By the time you realize their presence, it is too late. With the help of cardiology care, you can detect your conditions when they stay in their manageable state. We provide personalized care based on your conditions. Starting your interventions early can ensure you the best possible outcomes for your heart health.

Services We Offer

Assessments and Tests 

We conduct a thorough assessment of your overall body status. Our primary care physicians will check your vital signs like blood pressure and pulse. We will also monitor your blood pressure to detect hypertension. Besides our doctor will suggest a cholesterol test to analyze your lipid profile. Our blood test recommendation includes blood sugar examination as well. Moreover, we review your medical history and medications to know about any existing condition that can affect your heart. 

Lifestyle Counseling

We provide personalized counseling to support the well being of your heart. Our physicians will advise personalized nutrition plans based on your needs. We also recommend physical exercises that can enhance your cardiac health and overall fitness. Stress can increase your blood pressure and cause heart attacks. For this reason, we suggest various stress management techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing and many more. 

Medication Management

We prescribe you medications for hypertension and high cholesterol management. Controlling these conditions is necessary to solve the majority of your medical conditions. Unfortunately, lifestyle modification cannot control them every time. That’s why you need medication to keep them within a safe range. Our physicians take your overall condition into consideration for creating your medication plan. We also monitor your progress to make adjustments if necessary.

Chronic Disease Management

We offer comprehensive long term disease management for conditions like hypertension and coronary artery disease. Our doctors provide you with continuous care. We monitor and manage these heart conditions to prevent future complications. We give you customized treatment plans for your specific needs. Our treatment plans also include regular checkups and lifestyle guidance to optimize your heart health. We improve your quality of life by addressing risk factors and implementing preventive strategies. 

Referral Services

We have referral services for you when specialized care is necessary. We have connections with top cardiologists to ensure you receive the highest level of care. We refer you to the specialists for advanced diagnosis as well as treatment. 

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