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Your primary care physician will guide you to a specialty care whenever you need

Are you looking for comprehensive primary care to guide your journey to achieving a healthy life? Wahid Medical PLLC is your trusted primary health care provider in Jamaica, NY. Our internal doctors offer a wide range of services to ensure your well being. Our clinic provides patient centric health services. We create personalized treatment plans based on unique needs of our patients. 

We offer regular screening, preventive care, chronic condition management, vaccination, telemedicine, and other services. We also offer referrals for your advanced treatment needs. Visit our website to schedule your online appointment. We have walk in appointments too for your urgent care. 

Our Holistic Primary Care Services

Our board certified primary care doctors provide you with the best care. Dr. Mohammed Wahid, our internal medicine doctor has over 26 years of experience. You are welcome to our clinic for high quality services.

Our professional PCP provides patient centered health services. We conduct regular checkups and screenings to understand your overall well being. We assess your family history and past medical records. We check your vital signs to learn about your present medical condition. We consider your existing condition and potential risk factors to create a personalized treatment plan.

Preventive Primary Care

We offer preventive care to ensure your long term good health. Our physicians conduct routine checkups to identify potential illnesses at an early stage. We have vaccination service to help you avoid preventable diseases. We offer immunization against Covid 19, influenza, and other easily spreadable diseases. Our preventive services include annual physical assessments. Our doctors will give you advice on diet, exercise, and other daily practices as well.

Annual Physical Assessment

Our internal medicine doctors conduct comprehensive health assessments every year in Jamaica. Our yearly physical evaluation helps identify your potential risk factors. We check your blood pressure, sugar level, etc., vital signs. We monitor your heart, lungs, abdomen and other organs for physical examination. We also analyze your medical history and current medications. We recommend various screenings and lab tests to identify underlying issues. Based on your test results we develop follow up plan. We adjust your treatment plans too. 

Chronic Condition Management

Our internists offer chronic disease management at our clinic in Jamaica. We offer treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, thyroid, hyperlipidemia, and other long term conditions. We assess your condition to create personalized treatment plan. We monitor your symptoms and suggest lifestyle modification. We provide diet plan and encourage you to do physical exercise daily. We also provide medications if necessary.

Cardiac Health Assessment 

We offer heart wellness assessments to monitor the condition of your heart. Our regular cardiac monitoring ensures your long term well being. We check your blood pressure to identify whether you have hypertension. We also conduct screenings, cholesterol testing, and other tests to look for irregular heartbeat or murmur sounds. Our doctors create treatment strategies and take other necessary measures.

Lifestyle Management Counseling

We understand the impact of lifestyle behaviors on your overall well being. We offer advice on weight control, stress management, and other issues. Our doctors will educate you on lifestyle management in a healthy way. We will recommend you basic exercise and diet after evaluating your present condition. Our consultants will also encourage you to quit smoking and limit drinking. We help to create sleep hygiene practices to ensure you have a good sleep. 

Telemedicine Service

We understand that waiting for an in person appointment for days while sick can worsen your condition. That’s why we made our primary healthcare services easily accessible. We offer telemedicine services to provide you with urgent care. Scheduling our telemedicine appointment is easy. Our internal medicine doctors will consult you face to face in this service. You can take this service for both routine checkups and urgent medical help.


We offer referrals to ensure you receive proper treatment. We refer you to specialists when your condition requires advanced treatment. We cooperate with other specialists to provide you with complete care. You will get our proper guidance throughout the referral process. We will schedule your appointment and send your medical records. This will ensure your treatment process doesn’t have any gaps. 

Get appointment now for the best primary care in Jamaica. We also offer walk in appointment or same day appointment.  


When should I see my primary care provider?

You should visit your doctor for routine checkups or suffering from any symptoms. You should also seek medical attention for any existing conditions. We can also help you if you need vaccination and screening for preventable diseases.

How often should I visit my primary care provider?

This depends on your overall well being and existing medical conditions. You should visit at least once every year for regular assessment if you are perfectly fit. 

What should I bring to my primary care appointment?

You should bring your past medical history, present medication list and insurance information. You can also bring previous test reports relevant to your existing illnesses.

Do I need appointment to see my primary care provider?

Taking appointments to see your doctor is a good practice. You can ensure enough time and attention from your doctor if you book your time. We also offer walk in appointment option in case you need urgent service.

What should I consider when choosing a primary care doctor?

Here are the factors you should consider:

  • The clinic is at a convenient location
  • Experience and qualification of the physician
  • Their practice hours match your schedule
  • Whether they allow new patients
  • If your insurance covers your treatment