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Get Immigration Physical from USCIS approved doctor in Jamaica

Wahid Medical PLLC is your complete solution for Immigration Physical Exams in Jamaica.

Understanding Immigration Physical

Immigration physical examination is a mandatory medical exam you must take to complete the I-693 form. This form is an essential part of the immigration application process. It verifies your overall health status and vaccination record. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) sets guidelines for this physical exam to determine you don’t have any potential source of disease and you are eligible to enter into the U.S.

What To Expect From An Immigration Medical Exam?

As per the rules of this physical exam not every doctor is eligible to take your exam. Only a government-authorized doctor also referred to as a civil surgeon can conducts the immigration medical examination. The assessment includes the following:

  • The civil surgeon reviews your medical records. This helps them get idea about your past illness and present health status. 
  • Your immunization history will be reviewed to ensure you have been properly vaccinated.
  • An overall physical diagnosis will be conducted to evaluate your overall health status. Your vitals and various internal organs will be checked. 
  • Your mental health will be tested to identify whether you are mentally alright.
  • You will be tested for drug and alcohol abuse.

Our Services 

At Wahid Medical PLLC, we offer the following services for immigration physical.

Physical Assessment

We check for individual's medical history. It includes any past illnesses, surgeries, or chronic medical conditions. We conduct physical health assessment for immigration physicals. We check for vitals and conduct the essential blood tests, We check for hearing and vision conditions. We examine chest, lungs & other internal organs to identify underlying health conditions.  We follow the standard set by the authority.

Immunization & Vaccination

Our certified doctors thoroughly evaluate your vaccination history to verify that you have taken the essential vaccinations mentioned in the USCIS guidelines. We also offer vaccination services in case you have not received vaccines for all the necessary diseases. 

Blood Tests

Our services include a variety of blood tests to detect the presence of infections or diseases. We ensure that our blood tests meet the standards of the immigration examination. We offer tuberculosis screening to detect whether you have TB infection.

Urine Tests

Testing urine is also a mandatory part of the immigration physical exam. We provide urine testing services for drug and alcohol screening. Our certified civil surgeon also identifies kidney disease.

Mental Evaluation

Immigration examination is about screening for both mental and physical evaluation. Our mental screening service detects mental conditions that can be considered a threat to the individual or others. Our service doesn’t stop with the diagnosis of mental diseases. We offer solutions like counseling and medication to treat the condition. 

Wahid Medical PLLC

Wahid Medical PLLC is the best primary care clinic that offers immigration physical exam services in Jamaica, NYC. Our services nclude primary care, preventive care, vaccination, immigration physical and so on. We have USCIS approved civil surgeons who evaluate your health records. We also guide you through every step of your medical test to make the process smooth and hassle free. 

Our primary care treatment plans help you manage several health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, blood pressure. We have vaccination service offering immunization against various contagious diseases. In case you have health concerns that can affect your immigration exam result you can take help from our primary care. Our doctors will help you manage your health issues or refer you to specialists if needed. This can help your well being before proceeding with your immigration application. 

We offer telemedicine services. We also have walk in appointment option for urgent care needs. Contact us for further details. Get an appointment now!


How to prepare yourself for immigration physical?

Our primary care center can help your immigration physical exam. You can keep your vitals under constant observation. You can take vaccines that are missing from your immunization report. You can consult with our primary care physician beforehand in case you have any health condition that will negatively impact your immigration physical exam. We will examine your condition and refer you to specialist. This way you can receive treatment for your sickness and become healthy before your immigration physical exam.

Do I need to bring anything to my immigration physical exam?

Yes, your immigration physical examination needs some documents which are given below.

  • Your national ID card, passport, driving licence or other form of photo identification issued by government. But if you are applying for someone under the age of 14 bring their birth certificate.
  • Your vaccination report.
  • Documents of your medical history.
  • Tuberculosis and syphilis clearance certificates if you have ever received treatment for these diseases.
  • List of your ongoing medications.

Can I schedule an immigration physical exam appointment online?

Yes. You can schedule an online appointment for your immigration physical exam. We also offer walk in appointment.

What happens after the immigration physical?

Your provider will fill out the I-693 form after completing all the immigration physical exams. After that he will submit one copy to the US embassy or relevant consulate and give the other copy to you.