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Jun 14, 2024 88 views

Do you want to prevent heart attacks or other coronary diseases? You need to manage hypertension effectively to prevent various other health complications. This is a chronic condition. You won’t see any symptoms when your hypertension condition is in its early stages. Your risk of heart disease, stroke and other serious health problems increases with its progress. 

Our experienced internal medicine specialist, Dr. Mohammed Wahid, MD will tell you how you can manage your hypertension with the help of a primary care clinic. 

Understanding Hypertension

Hypertension is a long term medical condition. You develop different serious diseases when you have high blood pressure for a long time. Usually, you are considered to have hypertension when your BP reading is more than 140/90 mmHg. This condition kills you slowly. Your organ gets damaged because of such a high force of blood flow for a long time. You can develop heart diseases, vision problems and kidney disorders too. You need regular screening and early intervention to ensure your well being.

How Does Primary Care Manage Your Hypertension?

Regular Screening and Diagnosis

Primary care physicians conduct your complete health checkup. We look at your family history, health record and current medications. We check your blood pressure during your regular checkups and keep the records. PCP uses validated devices and ensures proper positioning for accurate measurement. We make you sit with back support and feet on the floor. We also keep your arms at your heart level. This ensures accurate readings. We take multiple readings over your several visits to confirm our diagnosis. However, your readings will not be accurate every time. You may have a high B reading in the clinic and a low at home or vice versa. Primary care clinics offer ABPM monitoring for accurate readings in case you have this unstable blood pressure issue. 

Recommend Lifestyle Modifications

We analyze your overall health status, lifestyle, culture and environment.  We offer counseling on your lifestyle behaviors based on our analysis. We recommend you healthy regular habits. We do this to slow down the progress of your medical condition. Lifestyle changes can reduce your BP levels effectively.


We offer you counseling on your diet plan. We recommend having a meal plan with mainly fruit, vegetables, whole grain, and lean protein. These items keep your heart healthy. They also prevent other risk factors that can influence your condition like cholesterol. We also recommend not to consume too much excessive salt and alcohol. 

Physical Activity

We encourage you to do physical movements regularly. We suggest you moderate intensity aerobic exercises. You can do brisk walking and cycling also.  You can also try gardening. It will help to make your muscles stronger and maintain good blood flow. 

Weight Management

Internal medicine specialists help you maintain a healthy weight. Your chance of having hypertension increases when you have obesity. We guide you through weight management techniques like healthy eating, sleep hygiene, exercise and other lifestyle practices. 

Quitting smoking

Your hypertension condition can progress faster if you smoke regularly. It also increases your risk of having other cardiovascular diseases. Primary care clinics provide you with resources and support for smoking cessation.

Stress Management

Excess stress, tension or anxiety can increase your BP. So you need to manage your stress properly for effective hypertension management. We suggest stress reducing techniques like deep breathing exercises, meditation or yoga. 

Medication Intervention

You need medication when lifestyle modifications are insufficient to control blood pressure. We assess your overall condition to identify your type of hypertension. This is necessary to decide the medication that can solve your issues. After proper analysis, we prescribe you medicines. 

Patient Education 

We educate you about the importance of controlling blood pressure. Our physicians also tell you about the potential consequences of uncontrolled hypertension. We teach you how to monitor blood pressure at home. This helps you keep track of your readings. 

Follow Up Visit

We schedule your regular follow up visits. We do this to monitor the blood pressure level and assess the effectiveness of medication. We also look for side effects and new symptoms you have experienced. We check everything properly and adjust your treatment plans if necessary. 

Refer You to Specialists

We collaborate with other medical specialists to ensure you get comprehensive care. We refer you to specialists like cardiologists or others when you need advanced treatment. 

Schedule Your Appointment 

Wahid Medical PLLC is your trusted partner for hypertension management in Jamaica, New York. We have board certified internal medicine specialists. Our doctors give preventive care and personalized treatment for your chronic conditions like hypertension. We conduct your comprehensive health assessments to identify your risk factors. We guide you on food, lifestyle and medication to manage your medical conditions. We offer online medical consultations and advice through our telemedicine service as well. We are currently accepting new patients. We offer both online and walk in appointments. Book your appointment today.


How can I manage my hypertension if I also have other medical issues?

We are trained in managing multiple health conditions simultaneously. We take a comprehensive approach to your treatment. We consider all your health issues to create an individualized treatment plan. We make sure our plan can manage your hypertension and other conditions.

What lifestyle changes can help me manage my hypertension?

We recommend these lifestyle changes:

  • Adopting DASH diet
  • Decreasing salt intake
  • Increasing physical activity
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Limiting alcohol intake
  • Quitting smoking

What types of blood pressure tests are available at primary care clinics?

We have two types of blood pressure tests:

In-office blood pressure measurement: We measure your BP using a sphygmomanometer at our clinic.

Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM): It is a portable device. You need to wear it for 24 hours. It keeps track of your BP throughout the day for accurate results.