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Learn the vital elements of preventive care and the importance of early detection.

preventive care
May 09, 2024 112 views

Primary care is a facility for your regular medical needs. General physicians provide healthcare services to ensure your well being. These services offer solutions for different phases of diseases. Prevention measures are one of the basic services provided by internal doctors to help you avoid getting sick in the first place. 

Today in this blog post, you will learn about the role of primary care in preventive care from a professional primary care doctor.

Types of Preventive Care

Preventive care includes different ways to keep you fit and identify any health issues early. The types of this service are:

Primary Prevention

Primary prevention is the action doctors take to stop diseases before they start to develop in your body. General physicians provide immunization services to make your immune system strong. Healthy patients receive vaccines for various preventable diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Doctors also guide wellness habits. We advise lifestyle modifications, such as what to do and what lifestyle habits to avoid.

Secondary Prevention

Secondary prevention is about the actions taken to detect health issues in their early stages. The purpose of these prevention measures is to slow down the growth of the disease. Primary care doctors conduct different types of tests and screenings to identify the presence of diseases. We check the vitals to know the symptoms. We also do laboratory tests to see the condition of the internal organs. We advise our patients to visit us on a regular basis for this service. 

Tertiary Prevention

This prevention category focuses on reducing the impact of health conditions that are already present. The aim is to stop diseases from getting worse. We suggest changes to your lifestyle and give you medication to help manage these conditions. Follow-up appointments with our doctor can help to improve your quality of life after recovering as well.

Primary Care: Foundation of Preventive Health

Primary care is the first place for you to get medical help. This medical center offers various services. It includes screening of health issues, treatment of both acute and chronic illnesses and promoting wellness. 

We provide comprehensive primary care services in Jamaica for your long term diseases. Our internists take measures such as regular checkups to identify your health condition. We conduct several physical and mental examinations too. Based on reports, we offer personalized treatment plans. 

Our treatment measures contain comprehensive approaches. We encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors. We also give medication for chronic illnesses if required. We understand your needs and provide the best possible care. It helps to build trust between you and us for long lasting relationships.

Essential Components of Preventive Care at Primary Care

Learn about the services primary care clinics provide as preventive care to ensure your good health in detail. 

Health Risk Assessments

Primary care doctors conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the risk factors related to your health. We check your family history to understand whether you have risks for developing diseases that are passed through genes. We also analyze your past medical records and present medication. After evaluating these information our general physician will create customized prevention measures for you.

Routine Screenings

Preventive screenings are really important for preventing diseases before they become serious. Our internal physicians conduct different screenings depending on your risk factors, age, and medical history. These screenings might include: 

  • Blood Pressure Checkups: Monitoring blood pressure helps to identify hypertension. High blood pressure is a significant risk factor for heart conditions. Our regular screenings can detect this condition early. We can provide you with early treatment.
  • Cholesterol Tests: Checking for high cholesterol levels helps find out if someone is at risk of heart problems early on. We do screenings to check people's lipid profiles. We suggest changes to their diet or prescribe medication if it's necessary in primary care.
  • Blood Glucose Monitoring: Screening for diabetes or prediabetes helps us start managing it early and lowers the chance of complications like nerve damage, kidney disease, or vision problems. Our regular check ups can find people at risk especially for type 2 diabetes. We can suggest lifestyle changes. We also give medicine to control your blood sugar levels if needed.
  • Cancer Screenings: We screen to detect the presence of breast cancer, cervical cancer, and other types of cancer. We can start your treatment at an early stage. You get the chance to recover faster.  So, early detection of these serious illnesses can save your life.


We want to keep you safe from infectious diseases that you can prevent. Vaccines can make your body's defense system strong enough to fight on its own. It can keep you and the people around you safe. We encourage our patients to take our vaccination service. We offer vaccines for spreadable illnesses such as flu, influenza, Tdap, etc. 

Lifestyle Counseling and Education

We want you to make decisions for your well being after knowing the consequences. That’s why we provide you with counseling on healthy lifestyle practices. We offer education on:

  • Food habits: We assess your condition to understand what your body needs. Based on that we give you guidance on what you should eat and what you should avoid. We help you manage your weight by suggesting your daily portion size as well.
  • Regular exercise: We want to keep your heart fit. That’s why we motivate you to do regular exercise as per the capabilities of your body. 
  • Stress management: You can avoid heart conditions if you live a stress free life. We educate you on different relaxation techniques. We help to relax your mind through deep breathing techniques, meditation, yoga, etc.

Medication Management

Our primary care clinic offers medication for various health conditions. Long term illnesses such as high blood pressure, or high cholesterol levels sometimes cannot be managed through lifestyle changes alone. We provide medications to keep them under control.

Wahid Medical PLLC

Are you looking for comprehensive preventive care? Wahid Medical PLLC is your primary care partner for a healthy and happy life. From regular check-ups to getting vaccines, we offer preventive measures in Jamaica to reduce disease risk while promoting health and well-being. Our preventive care service focuses on finding diseases early and helping you recover. Contact us for online booking.